Station Seven Band was founded by Nashville native, Landon Thompson. Landon had been in the Nashville music scene throughout his young-adulthood before moving to South Carolina with his equally talented wife. For the past 12 years they've been running a successful wedding photography business, which put Landon around hundreds of wedding bands throughout the last decade, each one increasing the desire to start a wedding band like no other. His love for great music, extensive wedding experience, and passion for couples loving their wedding band culminated perfectly in Station Seven Band.

Finding the right band mates was of utmost importance to Landon. Simply being a talented musician wouldn't cut it. He wanted the perfect combination of experience, character, attitude, and joy for life. 

There's something unique about a band that connects well with one another, a vibe that everyone feels, enjoys, and wants to engage- that's what you'll find in Station Seven Band. 

With Station Seven Band you will hear the great classics of Motown, R&B, and Funk, as well as the best hits of today's Top 20. 

Station Seven Band

Vocal/ Keys: Landon Thompson

Vocal/ Trumpet/ Guitar: Devin Colleton

Vocal: Jordan Thompson & Joi Tolliver

Bass: Matt Smith

Guitar: Tim Strevens

Saxophone: Sebastian "Sebs" Strevens

Drums: Gavin Brown